Music & Art Workshops

Singing and dancing to music helps children develop proper voice control, motor planning/control, and fine and gross motor skills. Repetition through song can help children with autism or other learning disabilities learn to anticipate words, rhythms, and concepts. This can help them participate more easily in music-based classroom activities since they know what to expect.

Art activities, ranging from drawing to acting, require different levels of complex thinking and problem solving. Art allows children to show thoughts and feelings in a creative way, often through nonverbal communication. Children with autism or other learning disabilities can express emotions through art that they may not otherwise be able to state.

Our “Free To Be Me” music and art program plans to offer “free form” art and music sessions. The participants will be able to “cast their vote” for what project they would like to do by looking at staff provided pictures and/or being prompted. We encourage our participants to feel free to express themselves through their creativity.


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