Eat-Able Workshops

Most children in the autism spectrum make considerably more progress in these therapies if underlying health issues are addressed at the same time. Nutritional intervention helps parents get the most out of the time and/or money invested in other therapies.

Many parents have found that their children have made significant behavioral and cognitive gains when put on a nutritional intervention program. According to multiple surveys of parents including those through the Recovered Kids website and Defeat Autism Now organization, the majority of parents whose young children recovered from autism were placed on a nutritional intervention program. That is not always the case but, from a diagnosis that was considered to be permanent and non-recoverable, now it is estimated that up to 40% of children diagnosed with and autism spectrum disorder now lose their labels. Even those who do not lose their labels are often functioning at a significantly higher level than had been thought possible even 10 years ago.

There is no “one size fits” all in terms of what benefits each individual within the autism spectrum, but there are certain approaches that benefit a large percentage of individuals. We plan to explore them in our workshops and why Pop.Earth has created a stand alone nutrition for special needs program “eat-able, Enabling Health Through Food” to help families navigate the often unclear path to health.


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