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As the parent of two boys, one with special needs and one typical, I understand the importance of a healthy diet and also the tricky part of balancing that without banishing cupcakes and pizza. Kids with special needs are more prone to have unhealthy eating habits and be overweight. Factually, people with autism are 3.5 times more likely to have gut related issues than their typical peers. GI issues also play a prominent role in negative and/or aggressive behaviors. The gut related issues can be treated via dietary interventions and supported via supplements. It can get very overwhelming so, we decided to create “eat-able” as a way for families to take small steps which can become huge leaps with regards to their health as a whole.
I also thought to look further into the benefits of juicing. For my son, the changes have been instantaneous. I spent hours cooking, baking, etc. for him using gluten free and sometimes casein free recipes (I used the book Special Diets for Special Kids after meeting the author). This was 9 years ago so gf-cf food that tasted good was hard to find. The ingredients were strange to me as well. It’s why I wanted to do the nutrition blogs that focus on new ingredients in laymen terms…. basically what it is, where it comes from, health benefits and how to easily incorporate it into a meal rotation. As a side note, most parents of autistic children are loathe to change their diets because they are picky and they are afraid they won’t eat anything new. I was one of them but, persevered through Dylan’s initial rejection and am hoping other parents will do the same and get their kids healthy. For the record, Dylan isn’t on a gf-cf diet but, I limit the amount of gluten and dairy that he has and am able to balance him with supplements for the times (like family gatherings, parties, etc.) he may be more exposed to eating things that may not be so gut-friendly for him. It remains a work in progress for me.

-Deb Stone, Founder

What to expect:
We partnered with our friends at Cookingplanit.com to provide recipes for the popearth.org website and Facebook page applicable to dealing w/special needs (casein-free, gluten-free, vegan, etc.). All of the recipes and meals have been approved for kids by Diana Rice. (Diana Rice is a registered dietitian with a passion for helping children grow up surrounded by a culture of health. As the staff dietitian for The Kids Cook Monday, she works to spread the word about the many benefits of cooking and eating together as a family. The Kids Cook Monday is an initiative of The Monday Campaigns, a non-profit public health marketing initiative founded on research demonstrating that Monday is the day we are most likely to introduce and sustain healthy habits).
CP will also blog about alternative ingredients and their benefits (when I first began dietary intervention with Dylan, I was overwhelmed by all the new ingredients I had to buy to make things that wouldn’t agitate his gut like…xanthan gum, sorghum, spelt, flax seeds, stevia, potato starch…all new to make typical things like pancakes that he could eat safely).
Cookingplanit.com has generously provided Pop.Earth families with a promo code entitles them to a 60-day FREE trial. The code to enter upon checkout for membership is: PopEarth60 (As with most services, they will need to enter a credit card at this time, but will not be charged until the end of the trial…this however is not necessary to participate).

Corn, tomatoes, avocado, fresh herbs and a perfectly seared filet of salmon simply scream springtime dining. This meal is so fresh, everyone is bound to love it. If your kids are adverse to too much spice, simply reduce or omit the amount of chipotle peppers and if you observe a dairy-free diet, leave out the queso blanco. Truthfully, you won’t miss a thing with all the other bold flavors happening. The salsa and the avocado sauce are both great for snacking, so make extra and serve with gluten-free corn chips. Check out the full meal here:


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