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The Little Beet
All of our ingredients are carefully sourced from farmers and purveyors we trust, so you can too. We firmly believe what grows together, goes together. All of The Little Beet’s menu items are gluten-free. But more importantly, they are also guiltin’ free. Good food never tasted so good!

Fairway Market
We love the variety, freshness and quality available at Fairway Market!

Udi’s Gluten Free
Udi’s makes the best gluten free products available! Their mission is to show you a new way to approach gluten free living.

Southwest Airlines
We love how Southwest Airlines makes flying easy, comfortable and affordable!

Capital One
Capital One is committed to finding and investing in programs that enhance the lives of the children and families in our communities, and we love them for it!

Baked by Melissa
Cupcakes! Need we say more???

Trader Joe’s
The price and quality of this specialty food store cannot be beat! Going shopping? Check them out…

My Time Inc.
A special and supportive place for parents of children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities.

BOULDER yoga pod
One of our great partners in Colorado. Boulder yoga pod is a great space to heal your body, mind and spirit…

If I Need Help (formerly QR Code ID)
Our friends at If I Need Help have developed a technology, utilizing QR codes, to enable lost special needs individuals to be reunited with their loved ones and caregivers.

Cooking Planit
People need a simple technology solution that helps them prepare delicious meals on time – and Cooking Planit provides recipes, grocery lists, and cooking schedules to make that happen.

“One of the largest importers and distributors of fresh produce and specialty foods in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. We buy directly from domestic farmers and international growers and provide customers with a consistent supply of fresh foods, prepared however they need it”.

The Chefs’ Warehouse
“A specialty food distributor that began sourcing products for high-end chefs over 30 years ago. With locations in major metropolitan areas across the United States and Canada, The Chefs’ Warehouse serves the finest restaurants, hotels, caterers and gourmet stores in North America”.

“Our brand portfolio was carefully selected to offer the best cross section of well known as well as boutique Japanese knife makers. We strive to offer honest, hand crafted, quality products and exceptional customer service”.

Pat LaFrieda
We supply meat to restaurants and hotels for almost a century and this endeavor continues to be our main focus.

We import and distribute a carefully curated competitively priced portfolio of high-quality wines, via direct distribution in New York, New Jersey, and California, and with distribution partners in 30 plus additional US markets. Our goal is to build strong, sustainable brands for our winery partners, and to supply both best-in-class and excellent-value wines to our customers.

Notorious Pink
“Enjoy the good life with Notorious Pink, a rosé made from the finest 100% Grenache from the South of France,
with an aromatic nose and taste that is simply délicieux”.

Tilit Chef Good
Workwear is built to last and we stand behind our chef wear 100%

Senza Gluten
We are aware that being celiac or choosing a gluten-free diet can sometimes be challenging, especially when dining out. At Senza Gluten we want to make sure your dining experience is perfect and safe by guaranteeing a 100% gluten-free cuisine. has been the go-to resource for all things Long Island since 1996

CM Smiles
Family dentistry close to home. Offering all types of dental care for the whole family.

The TAO Group
The TAO GROUP is a leading restaurant and nightlife company that develops, owns and operates many of the most successful food, beverage and nightlife entertainment venues in the United States.

The Ronald Reagans
From the BIG hair to the bodacious ’80s inspired costumes, the Reagans take their audiences back to the most radically awesome decade ever… The 1980s!

Don Julio
Using the finest raw agave and a time honored distillation process, Don Julio® Blanco Tequila is tequila in its truest form.

Korin Trading Knives
Our knives and tableware bring out the best qualities of food from every culture and fit into every restaurant.

4js coffee
From mild blends to bold espresso and everything in between, there’s something to please every palate.

Learn more about CitySeat and how we’re making the cities a better place to #rideon, one bike seat cover at a time.

Gillys Organics
Gilly’s Organics is a premium skin and haircare company. Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients. Our mission is to provide spa-like, gentle, effective, natural, indulgent products for everyone!

99 Designs
The world’s largest online graphic design marketplace. We connect more than one million talented freelance designers with creative people, genius entrepreneurs, savvy businesses… anyone who needs great work.

The Mithril Cloud
Leverage our Experienced Professionals in designing a customized Flexible Solution that takes advantage of the Cloud. Let us take IT out of your office, off your hands, and deliver it to you as a reliable, secure service at predictable monthly cost.

Section 16H Group
Born from twelve guys, lamb chops, beer, football and an idea for good.

Fit Selection
Fit Selection team has dedicated all the patience and devotion to create the finest handmade jewelry pieces. Every jewelry piece has been carefully crafted and polished to the perfection, the fact that is handmade with love makes Fit Selection jewelry stand out from any other.


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